Meet Ramzi Al-Duhami: Saudi Equestrian Legend Participating at Paris Olympics 2024

Ramzi Al-Duhami is a Saudi Arabian show jumping rider and one of the Saudi Arabian equestrian team. Al-Duhami is one of the six Saudi athletes who have qualified for the 2024 Olympic Summer Games in Paris.

He achieved overwhelming success in the single horse racing at the equestrian competitions during the Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta. He secured the first place with a big score difference between him and his nearest competition.

Al-Duhami will represent the Kingdom at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris along with his Saudi fellow riders Abdullah Al-Sharbatly, Khaled Almobty, and Abdul Rahman Al-Rajhi.

Meet Ramzi Al-Duhami: Saudi Equestrian Talent Participating at Paris Olympics 2024
Ramzi Al-Duhami

Who is Al-Duhami?

Al-Duhami was born in 1972 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He was surrounded by numerous horses in his family farm since he was a child. However, his real passion for riding horses began when he rode his father’s original Arabian horse.

“My father bought us eight horses to keep on the farm. My brothers and I started riding, especially my eldest brother who had a bit more experience with horses. He also brought us trainers to help us learn the sport.” Al-Duhami said.

One year after his first ride, he embarked on a long serious of local competitions. Then his father sent him to England to get serious trainings for international competitions. When he was 14, Al-Duhami took part in his first international competition at the Dubai Championship in 1986.

At the age of 17, he was selected to be trained with the legendary coach Bernie Traorig in America. Consequently, he continued pursuit for excellence in training with other famous coaches such as Paul Stockmuhl, Nelson Pessoa and finally with Stani Van Bayskin, Saudi equestrian coach and medalist at the Olympic Games.

Meet Ramzi Al-Duhami: Saudi Equestrian Talent Participating at Paris Olympics 2024
Ramzi Al-Duhami

International Success

Al-Duhami has secured various awards and medals throughout his inspiring journey. In 1991, he secured a gold medal at the Asian Games Equestrian. He obtained other three gold medals at the Arab Games in the same year.

In 1992, Al-Duhami took home the Amateur World Cup in California and was named Asian athlete of the year. Furthermore, he received the bronze medal in at the 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012 Summer Olympics.

In 2023, he got a gold medal with his fellow Saudi riders Abdullah Al Sharbatly, Abdulrahman Al-Rajihi and Mishari Al-Harbi in the individual show jumping competition at the 19th Asian Games held in China.

Meet Ramzi Al-Duhami: Saudi Equestrian Talent Participating at Paris Olympics 2024
Ramzi Al-Duhami

Al-Duhami Equestrian Center

Al-Duhami has founded Al Duhami Equestrian Stables Centre in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. The Centre hosted the Riyadh Purebred Arabian Horse Festival, Jawadi, in 2022, showcasing 347 breeds of the animals.

The festival offered SR1 million ($266,000) prizes for two competitions which included in the following event:

  • The first Saudi Breeders Cup
  • The Saudi Production Champions Cup

Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI)

Al-Duhami was one of three Saudis competing at the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) World Cup finals in Riyadh. He expressed notable enthusiasm with the opportunity to showcase the sport of equestrianism in the Kingdom.

“We have never had the chance to host such an event before in Saudi Arabia, and we hope that a new generation of riders will be inspired by seeing their role models perform in front of their eyes,” he said.

Meet Ramzi Al-Duhami: Saudi Equestrian Talent Participating at Paris Olympics 2024
Ramzi Al-Duhami

Sydney Setback

Al-Duhami suffered a broken back in the early years of his career during his second Olympics in Sydney. The Saudi showjumper fell during the show as did the two other riders behind him. Therefore, the event had to be postponed as the ground needed to be made safer. However, it was too late for the Saudi champion to reappear at the Sydney Games.

“Unfortunately, it was the luck of the draw for me. I went there with a lot of hope, so it was shocking as all my dreams were shattered in a second. It was a very difficult moment, and it took me five months to make a comeback,” Al-Duhami stated.

Fortunately, the Saudi showjumper recovered from the incident and continued to compete in three more Olympics, in Athens, Beijing, and then London. He amazed the world by claiming bronze at the London Games.

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