Turki bin Talal Launches Summer Season in Asir

Prince Turki bin Talal bin Abdulaziz, Emir of the Asir region and Chairman of the Asir Development Authority, announced the launch of this year’s summer season activities under the slogan “Sief in Asir… Taraha Tehwl” as part of the Saudi Summer 2024 program, starting in early July.


The Region Development Authority oversees the event with support from the Ministry of Tourism, the Saudi Tourism Authority, and the General Entertainment Authority.

Prince Turki expressed his deep gratitude for the participation of the government and private sectors in launching this season. He also appreciated their fundamental contributions to its success and for presenting new attractions on the tourism map.



The 2024 summer season continues the momentum of the Asir region’s tourism identity, “Asir_Tehwl,” and the launch of the Discover Asir website. This aligns with the region’s strategy to be a year-round global tourist destination, showcasing its authentic culture and diverse nature.

Moreover, the successful activation of various seasons, including Ramadan, Eid, and the spring “jacaranda” season, contributes to this goal.



The season showcases the region’s picturesque nature, ancient heritage, moderate weather, and diverse tourism experiences, combining beauty, culture, and sports. It aims to boost visitor numbers by over 15% compared to last summer.



Asir Summer offers a range of entertainment, cultural, and sporting activities to showcase the region’s tourism potential, prepared by the Asir Development Authority. Highlights include concerts with top Arab artists in a theater seating over 16,000, from July 5 to August 16. The site also features circus acts, comedy shows, aerial performances, musical shows.

Cultural Activities

Asir boasts cultural activities that include Al-Muftaha village, Basta, Abu Faraj palaces, Al-Asabila palaces, Bin Addan village, Deirtna market, and the historic Tabab. These activities seek to create a cultural impact on visitors about the region’s authenticity and ancient heritage


Sports, Recreational Experiences

The Asir Development Authority supported unique sports experiences and adventures like the Hosak event, the Battle Kart event, and the Nafs event. These events blend fun sports with the region’s beautiful geography. Tourist farms, such as the grape farm with its ancient trees and untouched nature, offer visitors the chance to pick fresh fruits and enjoy time with family in nature.


The authority supported unique recreational residential to ensure diversity this summer experiences. Furthermore, these are characterized by regional heritage architecture combined with modern urban methods inspired by Asir’s spirit. Notable examples include “Madamak, Terhab, and Ghaim.”


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