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Saudi Heritage Commission Discovers Rare Bilingual Inscription in Tabuk

Saudi Arabia’s Heritage Commission revealed the discovery of a rare bilingual inscription in Tabuk Province, reported the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The commission has found the rare piece during an archaeological dig in the village of Alqan.

The inscription is a combination between the Thamudic script and early Arabic script, standing as a living proof of the continued use of the Thamudic script in the 5th century AD.

Moreover, it consists of three lines, two of which are written in Thamudic script and one in early Arabic script.

Saudi Heritage Commission Discovers Rare Bilingual Inscription in Tabuk
Saudi Heritage Commission Discovers Rare Bilingual Inscription in Tabuk

Also, the commission confirmed that the new discovery stands as a testament to the evolution of ancient writing systems and styles in the Arabian Peninsula.

Furthermore, it has a great significance when it comes to the study of the evolution of Arabic letter forms throughout history.

Discovering such a rare piece is part of the commission’s continuous surveys to deeply explore the hidden parts of Saudi Arabia’s history and civilization.

In February, the commission unveiled its most prominent discovery in the archaeological site of Jurash, Asir region.

Moreover, the scientific team found new architectural residential units and discovered that ancient people built the walls with stones and clay.

In addition, they discovered a new irrigation technology consisting of a well built using the method of stacked stones, connected to water channels. The ancient people built these channels with two rows of stones and a channel between them for distributing water to the residential units.

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