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Elevating Space Expertise: Saudi Arabia's Pioneering Space Training Initiatives
A photo of an astronaut

Elevating Space Expertise: Saudi Arabia’s Pioneering Space Training Initiatives

Saudi Arabia is fast-tracking its goals to become a notable player in the global space arena by implementing several space training programs. These initiatives are aimed at nurturing a local talent pool, ready to contribute to the nation’s ambitious space exploration and science objectives. This article delves into various space…

Saudi to Witness Partial Lunar Eclipse This Saturday Night
People across the Kingdom will be able to see a partial lunar eclipse on Saturday night, according to the Jeddah Astronomy Society. (Jeddah Astronomy Society/File Photo)

Saudi to Witness Partial Lunar Eclipse This Saturday Night

In the night skies over Saudi Arabia, a celestial spectacle is brewing. This Saturday night, nature will unveil its moon magic as Saudis are set to witness a partial lunar eclipse. The Lunar Eclipse, as it’s now being called, is a captivating phenomenon where the Earth’s shadow will partially obscure…

“ASpace” China Invests 1B Riyals in Saudi Arabia’s 1st Satellite Manufacturing Facility

Saudi Arabia announced on Wednesday, a significant investment by a leading Chinese aerospace company, “ASpace”, valued at one billion Riyals, to establish a specialized satellite manufacturing facility in the Kingdom. This initiative marks a progressive step towards advancing satellite technology locally while also elevating the Kingdom’s standing in the global…