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Saudi Films Invade Australian Cinemas, with Screenings in Sydney, Melbourne

The Saudi Film Commission has showed four Saudi films in Australia from June 26-28, 2024. The screenings took place at the Opera House in Sydney and the Sofitel Hotel in Melbourne as part of “Saudi Film Nights.

The event includes screenings of a variety of long Saudi films, namely: “Valley Road” by director Khaled Fahd, “Hajan” by director Abu Bakr Shawqi, and “Al-Hammour H.A.” by director Abdul Ilah Al-Qurashi, in addition to short Saudi films, namely: “Sleeq”. “Directed by Afnan Bawyan, and the film “Aidaroos and I” by Sarah Balghoneim.



Film screenings are followed by dialogue sessions and critical seminars with filmmakers, attended by a diverse audience of film enthusiasts, academics, critics, and artists.

This event continues the Saudi Film Nights’ international tours. It garnered significant interest from both the public and cinematic experts. The “Saudi Film Nights” event aims to support local Saudi talent, raise global awareness of Saudi cinematic creativity. Additionally, it  provides opportunities for collaboration and cultural exchange among participants.

عروض متنوعة ضمن “ليالي الفيلم السعودي” في أستراليا | نص خبر

“Saudi Film Nights” is part of the Film Authority’s efforts to boost Saudi cinema globally and locally, supporting its growth and development. Furthermore, it aims to highlight cinematic production in the Kingdom and support Saudi filmmakers. It helps them reach a diverse international audience, and establish strong relationships in the global cinema arena for exchanging experiences.

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