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Ithra Recounts Journey of Saudi Films at Festival Story Museum

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture “Ithra” in Dhahran revisited the Saudi Film Festival’s origins, events, and achievements through its Festival Story Museum. This museum documents the festival’s sessions from 2008 to present. The festival  showcases a period marked by prolific filmmaking for filmmakers to support a new generation.

During its activities, the museum examines the start of the Saudi Film Festival, along with the experiences and expertise of key artists who shaped a promising era for filmmakers. They have led this era, fostering an impactful movement that enriches the cinematic scene’s artistic value.

The museum showcases entries from 2008 to 2024: 1,444 films from film competitions, 2,162 scenarios from the unexecuted scenario competition, and 289 projects from the production market. Additionally, it features 155 awards. Over 165,631 local and international visitors attended the festival from its start in 2008 to its ninth session in 2023.

In recent years, winners at the festival have dominated various categories like feature films, documentaries, screenplays, student films, and more. Moreover, they’ve left their mark with notable numbers and names of winning films. These victories include special prizes and opportunities like the competition production market.

The museum, well received by visitors, had a dedicated space for its release, alongside an area showing films from the festival’s archives. Notably, digital screens provided an immersive cinema experience, allowing viewers to watch films with headphones, creating a mini-cinema atmosphere. One visitor described it as a place documenting the festival’s efforts in shaping cinematic thought over the years.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Film Festival is held annually, organized by the Cinema Society, in partnership with the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra), and with the support of the Film Authority of the Ministry of Culture, and the festival concludes its activities tomorrow, Thursday.

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