King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture – Ithra reviews “Amroha”

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture “Ithra” revealed the story of the “Amroha” project, a 12-month documentary program, with the participation of 18 architects, within the national program “Content Enrichment Initiative”, which aims to develop the local content industry and enhance its opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Various cultural and creative sectors.

The project supervisor, Ali Al-Samin, explained that the project is a documentary program, consisting of 8 episodes that tell the story of architecture in the Kingdom, and the changes it has undergone after the oil boom.

He pointed out that the program attempts to reveal the changes and developments that have occurred in the art of architecture locally, because of the changes that people are going through at all levels. It also aims to tell stories of historical buildings with visual effects and to link modern documentaries with those influences away from traditional images.

He explained that the architecture project in the Kingdom was preceded by a research study by some architects; to observe the history of architecture and the extent to which it was affected by various stages across several periods.

He pointed out that the stages of the photographic work were carried out by a team of 14 people, including management, preparation, and directing, to reach a comprehensive study.

This study includes various tracks on education and architecture, the history of Saudi female engineers obtaining licenses, and themes for preparing a comprehensive research study on that.

The stages of photographing and documenting the historical stages of Khuzam Palace, Al Kindi Square, and the Qasr Al-Hukm area were also reviewed together with the team’s efforts to achieve the project’s goal of spreading historical knowledge.

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