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King Abdulaziz Foundation launches an enrichment initiative for Saudi women

King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives (Darah), represented by WikiDown, launched a voluntary enrichment project on behalf of Saudi women through the volunteer labour platform.

Its goal is to use Wikipedia to enrich digital Arabic information, and it is thought to be about writing and developing articles.

It was stated that the programme will focus on women from the royal family and their role in promoting holistic development, as well as historical female luminaries from the Arabian Peninsula.

It also contains female Saudi leaders in many disciplines, as well as Saudi women’s contributions in other fields.

In concludes rights and legislation that aided in the empowerment of Saudi women in terms of personal status, rights, work, and other areas, there were also women who gained local and international honours.

Volunteers will earn volunteer hours through the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development’s volunteer work platform.

The programme would run through the middle of Ramadan next year, and it encouraged everyone interested to sign up and contribute to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia’s digital Arabic material.

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