Dubai Airports, Airlines Issue Urgent Travel Advisory to Passengers

Dubai airports and two local airlines on Wednesday issued travel advisory, warning passengers of possible delays due to unpredictable weather conditions, reported Travel and Tour World.

The travel advisory advised passengers departing from Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) to allow for extra time for travel and arrive early at the airport, given the expected heavy rain and increased traffic, and to use Dubai Metro where possible.

Weather Warning

The UAE National Center for Meteorology (NCM) has warned residents of rain showers and thunderstorms from Wednesday evening through early Friday morning, although they are less severe compared to recent storms in April.

Strong winds, with speeds reaching up to 40 km/h, could stir up sand and dust in western areas, reducing visibility to below 2000 meters in some regions.

Early Arrival

Dubai’s flagship airline, Emirates, issued a travel advisory on Wednesday warning travellers of harsh weather conditions expected on Thursday and potential road delays.

Likewise, Flydubai advised passengers to allocate extra time to reach the airport, whether they are travelling by car or public transport. It also urged them to check online before they leave for the airport.

Operations Disruption

Between April 16 and April 23, 2024, GCC states were hit by a low-pressure system, causing strong winds, thunderstorms, heavy rainfall and flash floods in several regions, with Oman and the UAE suffering the biggest impact.

The UAE recorded the heaviest rainfall in more than 75 years, which caused huge disruptions to flights at Dubai International Airport (DXB) and its airlines.

In preparation for the anticipated inclement weather, authorities announced they are closely monitoring the situation and have implemented plans to ensure continuity of operations and public safety, reported Al Arabiya.

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