Taif Adorns Summer Resorts Amidst Picturesque Atmosphere

The city of Taif is a favorite tourist destination for tourists and visitors, with its unique atmosphere and stunning scenery.

استمتع بأجواء مدينة الورود.. أبرز 5 معالم سياحية في الطائف

Taif, known as “the bride of summer resorts” and “the city of roses,” is a top tourist destination in the Kingdom due to its moderate climate and beautiful Taif roses. It offers unique tourist experiences, various investment opportunities, and numerous historical and heritage sites. Additionally, Taif provides quality services to tourists and hikers and is famous for its delicious seasonal fruits.

منتزه الورد بالطائف

Historical Sites, Museums

متحف الشريف بالطائف حكاية التراث والأجداد

There are many museums, including the “Umm al-Doum Museum” and the “Sharif Museum,” as well as a group of palaces that have returned to the tourist and heritage presence, such as: Shubra Palace, the historic Jabra Palace, whose construction dates back more than 1,300 years, and the palaces of the Bugari family, which exceeds it over a hundred years old, as are old markets and walls that bear witness to its remains, including ancient doors such as: “Bab Al-Ra’i”, “Bab Al-Hazm”, and “Bab Al-Abbas”.

موسم الورد - ويكيبيديا

Climate Diversity in Taif

Taif’s climate varies according to the diversity of its nature, between coldness in the mountain peaks and moderation in the valleys, which is what its visitors notice when they descend through the Al-Sail or Al-Hada road. Its nature also varies between parks, water springs, and dams, allowing many tourism options for its visitors.

Amateurs hike on Mount Dhaka to reach its summit to watch the sunset. As for those who like to relax in nature and have family outings, they have parks surrounding Taif, such as “Al-Shifa, Al-Raddaf, Al-Hada, Saisad” and others, in addition to open public parks that are easy to reach.

الطائف.. مدينة الورد والعسل | اهلا وسهلا


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