Summit for Precision Oncology Concludes its Scientific Sessions

Innovative Sessions, Discussions

The “Saudi Summit for Precision Oncology” successfully wrapped up its scientific sessions in the enlightened city of Medina, according to Saudi Press Agency.

Launched last Thursday under the auspices of the Prince of the Medina region, the summit was organized by the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center. The event spanned three days at the King Salman International Conference Center in Medina, focusing on the latest in oncology.

Innovative Sessions, Discussions

The summit’s sessions delved into various facets of precision oncology. Highlights included pediatric oncology, blood malignancies presented by Dr. Scott Howard from the USA, and surgical advancements in treating solid tumors in children.

Image-guided surgical techniques and the role of precision medicine in pediatric neuro-oncology were discussed by Dr. Mohamed Shbailat, also from the USA. Dr. Victoria Harmer from the UK contributed insights on comprehensive care needs for cancer patients.

Global Participation

The conference boasted participation of 50 speakers. These included both local and international experts who shared their knowledge on oncology advancements. The discussions aimed at analyzing the latest scientific outcomes and evolving cancer treatments.

Key Topics, Innovations

Pediatric precision oncology was a focal point, addressing both the challenges and breakthroughs in treating young patients. The summit also explored the impact of precision medicine on future clinical trials.

This approach promises to tailor treatments to individual genetic profiles, potentially revolutionizing cancer care.

Comprehensive Care Insights

Dr. Harmer’s session on patient care emphasized the importance of holistic approaches in oncology. Addressing patients’ physical, emotional, and social needs is crucial for effective treatment outcomes.

The “Saudi Summit for Precision Oncology” provided a platform for exchanging cutting-edge knowledge and fostering collaborations in the fight against cancer. Its success underscores the importance of global cooperation in advancing medical science and patient care in the field of oncology.



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