WHO Expert Team Visits Jeddah’s Healthy Schools Exhibition

A team of experts from the World Health Organization visited the Healthy Schools Exhibition. It was organized by Jeddah’s School Health department as part of the final evaluation of Jeddah’s Healthy City Program.

Artistic Insights

At the start of their visit, the delegation explored an art exhibition. It showcased diverse artworks by students from several Jeddah schools. Through these pieces, students expressed their interest in health awareness and education within the school community.

Jeddah: Model for Healthy Living

Dr. Mohammed Khashogji highlighted Jeddah as a model for leading a healthy life, aligning with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision for enhancing life quality. He praised the collaboration between various entities to improve living standards.

Schools: Foundation of Health Awareness

Dr. Khashogji pointed out the crucial role of schools in shaping students’ personalities and promoting health, diet, physical activity, and awareness. This effort extends knowledge into their homes and communities, improving the local environment and health.

Educational Sector’s Vital Role

Dr. Samar Al-Fiqi emphasized the educational sector’s importance in enhancing health quality. She noted the significant amount of time teachers and students spend together during the academic year, highlighting education’s role in partnership with WHO to meet high health standards.

Advancing Health Quality in Education

Dr. Aziza Al-Ghamdi mentioned Jeddah Education’s aim to enhance health quality values among students. This goal is achievable with the cooperation and efforts of governmental and private institutions and charities, elevating Jeddah’s health quality of life.

Cultural Showcase

The event concluded with a visual presentation about the participating public, private, and international schools in the Healthy City Program, followed by a musical performance by students from the International Discoverer Schools. The expert team wrapped up their visit with a tour of the schools’ initiatives and contributions to the program.


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