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Al-Ula hosts the World Tourism Organization’s ceremony for the best tourist villages

Al-Ula hosts the World Tourism Organization's ceremony for the best tourist villages


The United Nations World Tourism Organization celebrates the best tourist villages in the world for the year 2022, during a ceremony it organizes in Al-Ula Governorate on March 12 and 13.


The “Best Tourist Villages” initiative is part of the Tourism for Rural Development Programme, according to the World Tourism Organization.


Since 2021, the program has issued an annual list of destinations that demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.


Hosting the Al-Ula comes after choosing the “old town” among the best tourist villages in the world for 2022.


The organization will honor Global Tourism Villages in the presence of a number of ministers from the winning countries.


World Tourism Organization Program


The Tourism for Rural Development Program of the World Tourism Organization recognizes the importance of preserving and renovating heritage and tourist villages around the world.


The program includes strategic objectives such as creating opportunities, generating jobs, and promoting and protecting cultural resources.


The program also seeks to preserve natural and cultural heritage around the world by empowering communities to develop tourism.


It also seeks governance aimed at reducing disparities between regions, combating population decline, and promoting gender equality.


Last December, the World Tourism Organization chose the best tourist villages for 2022.


An independent advisory board evaluated the villages according to a set of criteria covering nine areas.


These areas are cultural and natural resources, promotion and conservation of cultural resources, economic sustainability, social sustainability, and environmental sustainability.


It also includes tourism development and value chain integration, tourism management and prioritization, infrastructure, connectivity, health, and safety.


The selected villages receive support from the World Tourism Organization and its partners in improving the elements of the areas that have been identified.


The organization will also provide opportunities for exchanging experiences, good practices, and learning.

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