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Saudi Cinema Revenues Reach $8.7 million in Week

In Saudi cinemas, 48 ​​films are competing for the top spot at the box office, as the revenues of these works over the past week amounted to 32.8 million riyals ($8.7 million) for more than 705 thousand tickets sold.

“Bad Boys: Ride Or Die,” starring Will Smith, continues to top the Saudi box office, earning 8.5 million riyals (2.28 million USD) from 180,000 tickets sold last week. Moreover, it has grossed more than 74.3 million riyals ($19.8 million) from 1.42 million tickets, according to the Saudi Film Authority.

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The Saudi Film Authority revealed the list of the highest-grossing films during the past week. The film “Walad Rizk 3” retained second place, after achieving 6.3 million riyals ($1.7 million) for 138.2 thousand tickets, bringing the total it achieved over the past month. 28.5 million riyals ($7.6 million) for 601,000 tickets.

The American horror film, A Quiet Place: Day One, came in third place, earning 5.2 million riyals ($1.4 million) for 102.8 thousand tickets. Over the past two weeks, it has made 10.12 million riyals ($2.69 million) for 187.1 thousand tickets.

Box Office Rankings

The animated film Inside Out 2 fell to fourth place, earning about 4 million riyals ($1.06 million) from 98,000 tickets. Moreover, it has totaled 19.8 million riyals ($5.2 million) from 456,600 tickets.

It is followed by American animated film Despicable Me 4, which earned 3.1 million riyals ($829,000) in its first week from 61,800 tickets.

During its debut week in Saudi theaters, “Toxic Passport” ranked seventh, earning 2 million riyals ($556.4 thousand) from 41.9 thousand tickets. It is followed by “The Max Gang,” starring Ahmed Fahmy. It also earned 1 million riyals ($274.2 thousand) from 20.2 thousand tickets.

The Saudi film “Shabab Al-Bomb” remains in eighth place for the second consecutive week, earning 421.6 thousand riyals ($112.4 thousand) from 11.2 thousand tickets. Since its release 13 weeks ago, it has grossed over 26 million riyals ($6.94 million) from 618 thousand tickets sold.

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As for the movie “Noura,” it rose to ninth place, after achieving 366.7 thousand riyals ($97.7 thousand) for 8.8 thousand tickets, achieving over the past 3 weeks 1.8 million riyals ($481.5 thousand) for 40.1 thousand tickets.

The Indian sci-fi film Kalki 2898 topped the “TOP 10” list, earning 360.6 thousand riyals ($96.1 thousand) from 8.8 thousand tickets. Over the past two weeks, it has totaled around one million riyals ($280.3 thousand) from 24.4 thousand tickets.

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