Al-Sheikh Praises Words of Critic Mustafa Al-Kilani about Movie Welad Rizk 3

The Chairman of the Saudi Entertainment Authority,Turki Al-Sheikh, praised the critic Mustafa Al-Kilani’s speech about the success of the movie “Welad Rizk 3,” saying, “Al-Kilani’s words are very respectable, and regarding the increase in spending in the movie Welad Rizk 3, which is 12 million dollars, and it will not achieve this amount !”

Al-Sheikh clarified “Firstly, the film achieved in 9 days, more than 6 million dollars, and was offered to sell digital for 2 million dollars for 6 months, the first sale. Consequently, the film in 9 days earned more than 70% of its cost, and its income in Iraq, the Levant, and the world has not been calculated yet.”

فريق عمل «ولاد رزق 3» عبّروا عن سعادتهم بنجاحات الجزء الثالث (هيئة الترفيه)


Al-Sheikh continued: “When you present something executed with the highest quality to the viewer and respect that it is a ticket to enjoy. Viewers will appreciate it and the evidence is the unprecedented demand for the film and the world’s talk about it.”

Riyadh Season

Al-Sheikh added through his official account: “Secondly, the Riyadh Season treated the film as propaganda for the season and its events. It was not treated as a winning product, even though it will win. Moreover, as for its producers 70% of its cost is supported by the Riyadh Season.”

Al-Sheikh continued: “Thirdly, this demand for cinema in the movie “Welad Rizk 3 is unprecedented after a long absence. This is in the interest of the industry and the viewer. Support your stars and support Egyptian and Arab films.”

تعرف على حقيقة تسريب فيلم «ولاد رزق 3» علي اليوتيوب | 60 دقيقة نيوز

Repeating Experience

Al-Sheikh concluded: “Fourthly… we will repeat the experience soon in second. We will leave a mark that history will not forget. Moreover, we will support the stars, directors, and all those working behind the camera.”

Welad Rizk 3

It is noteworthy that the writer and critic Mustafa Al-Kilani spoke about the reasons for the success of the third part of the film “Walad Rizq Al-Qadi.” He explained that the third part of ““Welad Rizk 3” did not deviate from the type of content or the repetition of the scenario of the first and second parts.

Al-Kilani said during his meeting on the “Sabah Al-Balad” program on Sada Al-Balad channel, that the absence of artists Ahmed Al-Fishawy and Ahmed Dawoud did not affect the third part of “Welad Rizk.” He also mentioned that this absence provided an opportunity for new faces, contributing to the film’s success.

He continued: “It was agreed on the fourth and fifth parts of Welad Rizk, pointing out that Ahmed Al-Fishawy and Ahmed Daoud are expected to return in the fourth or fifth part.”

فيلم ولاد رزق 3 بطولة أحمد عز يقفز لـ 193 مليون جنيه منذ طرحه بالسينمات

Al-Kilani clarified that the spending on “Welad Rizk 3 Part Three is not as high as some believe. He expects the film to generate enough revenue to cover its costs, especially if it is successful.

Al-Kilani stressed that cinema is not reality and pointed out that artistic works exist in a parallel world. Hence, there must be a separation between imagination and reality.

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