Al-Sheikh Brings Amr Diab Back to Cinema with Nancy Ajram

Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the General Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, announced the production of a new film by Egyptian artist Amr Diab with Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram.

مفاجأة كبرى.. عمرو دياب ونانسي عجرم في فيلم سينمائي - أخبار الآن

Al-Sheikh shared photos of himself with Diab during a special screening of the movie “Welad Rizk 3: Al kadi,” held yesterday evening in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He also announced his agreement with Diab about presenting a new film with Ajram, in her first cinematic experience.


He stressed that the film will bring back the memory of beautiful cinema and the days of beautiful films.

Al-Sheikh wrote on the photo that he shared with Diab through his official account on the photo and video exchange site Instagram: “With the dear Al-Hadba, and I agreed with him on a film that brings him together with Ajram for her first acting experience, because we need films that remind us of the time of beautiful art like Raseef Number five, and Abi Fawk Al shagarah.”

حقيقة تعاون عمرو دياب ونانسي عجرم في عمل سينمائي جديد وتركي آل الشيخ يعلق

“Weld Rizk 3” Ceremony


While speaking to journalist Amr Adeeb at the “Weld Rizk 3” ceremony, Diab expressed his enthusiasm for the new project. He mentioned that “Weld Rizk 3” paves the way for more cinematic works and that the project will be implemented soon. Diab added that all works produced by Al-Sheikh have an international character in both cinema and music.

مفاجأة كبرى.. عمرو دياب ونانسي عجرم في فيلم سينمائي - أخبار الآن

It is worth noting that the most recent cinematic appearance of Diab was through his participation in the movie “Laughter, Play, Find and Love” with the late international artist Omar Sharif and Yousra in 1993. Diab also starred in the famous movie “Al- Afareet” with the participation of the late artist Madiha Kamel in 1990, then He participated in his famous film “Ice Cream in Gleem” directed by Khairy Bishara in 1992. The film included the following artists:  Simone, Ashraf Abdel Baqi, Hussein Al-Imam, Ezzat Abu Auf, and Ali Hassanein.

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