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Cannes first-ever Saudi Film “Norah” to Be Screened on 20th June

The Red Sea Foundation announced the date of showing the film “Norah”, supported by the Red Sea Fund, in Saudi and international cinemas on June 20, 2024.

The film “Norah” was shown last Thursday in the “Un Certain Regard” section at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, thus becoming the first Saudi film to be able to reach the official list of the Cannes Film Festival, achieving an unprecedented achievement for Saudi cinema.

“Norah” is the first Saudi film to compete in this prestigious competition, as it achieved wide audience demand. Tickets for its screening were sold out a few hours after booking was made. Moreover, this  confirms the admiration of critics and audiences alike.

The film “Norah” was filmed entirely in the city of art and history “AlUla”, located northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The crew consists of 40% Saudis, in a clear indication of the great support that the film industry garners interests locally.

The film presents a unique dramatic cinematic experience that takes place in a small village in the nineties of the twentieth century, where Norah, a dreamer girl, meets the artist Nader, who gave up his passion for drawing to teach the village children.

“Norah” was screened for the first time internationally at the third session of the Red Sea International Film Festival in December 2023. During the festival, it won the Best Saudi Film Award sponsored by AlUla Film.

The Red Sea Film Foundation is committed to supporting Arab cinema globally. Through programs like the “Red Sea Film Fund,” “Red Sea Market,” and “Red Sea Laboratories,” the Foundation offers opportunities for Arab filmmakers to develop and showcase their projects. Furthermore, these efforts aim to strengthen Arab cinema’s global presence and open new horizons for Arab talent.

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