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Saudi cinema sales hit over 30 million tickets in four years

Ticket sales in Saudi cinemas exceeded 30 million tickets, since the opening of the first cinema in the Kingdom four years ago, which is a great achievement that reflects the extent of local demand.

According to statistics carried out by the Audiovisual Media Authority, the number of cinemas so far has reached 56, comprising 518 screens in 20 cities, and showing 1144 films, including 22 Saudi films.

Growth attracts investors

Ticket sales amounted to 30,860,956 movie tickets in 22 languages ​​from 38 countries. This growth, which was achieved in four years, indicates that the cinema sector is an attractive element for local and international investors.

The cinema sector has contributed to the employment of 4,439 young Saudi men and women, and the creation of thousands of jobs for Saudi youth.

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