Saudi Arabia sets guiding symbols to welcome children at Grand Mosque

The Saudi Social and Voluntary Services Agency, directed by Al-Haramain and represented by the Small Visitor Service Department, implemented a program named Guidelines for the Reception of Umrah Children and Visitors as part of a social initiative.

Eng. Amjad Al-Hazmi, the General President’s Undersecretary for Social and Voluntary Services, remarked that the General Presidency for the Two Holy Mosques is eager to deliver the best and finest services to the pilgrims of the Grand Mosque.

The Director of the Small Visitor Department, Fahd Al-Hatirshi, stated that the Small Visitor Service Department is keen to take care of the young visitor and provide him with all services.

The services include providing indicative symbols and bracelets that are placed on the wrist at the Grand Mosque, with the mobile number of the child’s follower to avoid his loss and ease of access.

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