Kingdom’s Weather for Monday

The weather  in Saudi Arabia tomorrow will be mostly sunny and hot, with some regional variations. Meteorologists urge people to dress accordingly and stay hydrated.

The weather in mid-November shows a transition from autumn to winter.

There is  a noticeable drop in temperatures, especially in the northern and highland regions, and a slight increase in rainfall.

General Alert

The General Directorate of Civil Defense has urged caution and vigilance.

They advise the public to stay in safe places, avoiding areas prone to flash floods, water pools, and refraining from swimming in these locations due to the inherent dangers.

They also encourage the public to adhere to instructions announced through various media channels and social media platforms.

This advisory comes in light of the continued chances of thunderstorm rains affecting most regions of the Kingdom, starting from Monday until the upcoming Thursday.

Regional Impact

The Directorate clarified that the weather in Makkah would experience moderate to heavy rains, potentially leading to flash floods, hail, and high-speed descending winds. This will cause dust and sandstorms.

The areas that meteorologists expect the to experience heavy rains include the holy city of Makkah, Taif, Jumum, Kamil, Adham, Ardiyat, Maysan, Jeddah, Bahrah, Rabigh, Khulais, Layth, Qunfudhah, Khurma, Turbah, Rania, and Moya.

Further Predictions

The Directorate indicated the likelihood of moderate rains and active descending winds, stirring dust and sand in the Mecca region. Areas that might experience descending winds include the holy city, Taif, Jumum, Kamil, Adham, Ardiyat, Maysan.

The Riyadh region might also be affected, including the capital Riyadh, Kharj, Muzahmiyya, Rumah, Marat, Hariq, and the regions of Jazan, Asir, and Al-Baha.

Expected temperatures


City                       High               Low


Riyadh                32  c               19 c


Jeddah                 29 c                 25 c


Medina               24 c                  18 c


Makkah             24 c               19 c


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