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Kingdom’s Weather for Saturday

Kingdom's Weather for Friday
The Weather Forecast

The Weather Forecast for Arar, Saudi Arabia – November 11, 2023 Morning to Afternoon is as follows: the day will start off with mostly sunny skies, gradually becoming more cloudy as the day progresses.


The high temperature is expected to reach around 88°F.  Wind speeds will be relatively mild, ranging from 5 to 10 mph, blowing from the south.

Weather in Jeddah

Jeddah, a major city in the Makkah Region of Saudi Arabia, recently experienced severe weather conditions.

The National Center for Meteorology issued an advanced warning for heavy thunderstorms in Jeddah​​​​.

Impact, precautions in Jeddah

These conditions led to flash floods accompanied by strong surface winds, reduced horizontal visibility, hail showers, and high waves​​.

The center raised the alert to a “warning” level, covering the entire Jeddah Governorate and Al-Shuaiba​​.

The Directorate of Civil Defense in the Makkah Region urged caution and advised the public against approaching floodwaters during the rains.

They emphasized the potential hazards, like transported floods and water pools, and warned against crossing valleys during rainfall​

November’s Weather

November in Saudi Arabia marks the transition from the hot summer to the cooler winter season.

This period is characterized by a significant drop in temperature, making it one of the most pleasant times of the year in the region.

The weather becomes more tolerable and outdoor activities become more enjoyable.

Temperature Variations

  • Northern and Central Regions: These areas, including Riyadh, experience a noticeable drop in temperature. Daytime temperatures hover around 20°C to 25°C, while nights can be cooler, sometimes dropping to around 15°C.
  • Coastal Regions: Jeddah and other coastal cities see milder temperatures.
  • The proximity to the Red Sea keeps the daytime temperatures around 28°C to 32°C, with nights being comfortably warm.

Rainfall, Humidity

November can bring sporadic rainfall in Saudi Arabia, particularly in the central and northern regions.

However, the amount of rain is generally low and doesn’t significantly impact daily activities.

Humidity levels in coastal areas like Dammam and Jeddah remain higher than in inland cities, though they are less oppressive than in the summer months.

Wind, Sandstorms

Wind patterns begin to change during this month. While sandstorms are less frequent than in the summer, occasional gusty winds can still occur, especially in the desert areas.

Travelers and residents are advised to stay updated with local weather forecasts for any sandstorm warnings.

Recommended Activities

With the milder weather, November is an ideal time for outdoor activities. Tourists and locals can enjoy desert safaris, camping, and exploring historical sites without the intense heat of the summer months.

Coastal cities are perfect for beach activities and water sports.


Expected temperatures


City                       High               Low


Riyadh                 35  c                20 c


Jeddah                  37c                 28c


Medina               37 c                19 c


Makkah               39 c                 21 c


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