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Saudi Railway Experience 45% Increase in Passengers Amid Expansion Efforts

Saudi Railway Sees 45% Increase in Passengers Amid Expansion Efforts
SAR announced that the number of passengers in the three months to the end of September increased by 45 percent. SPA.

Saudi Arabia’s railway system has experienced a remarkable surge in usage, with a 45% increase in passengers during the third quarter of 2023.

This surge is attributable to Saudi Arabia Railways’ extensive expansion efforts, leading to a record-breaking 2.28 million passengers during this period — the highest since SAR’s inception.

Expansion and Economic Impact

The growth of SAR’s passenger numbers coincides with a significant uptick in revenue, allowing the railway to extend its services to a broader customer base across various locations.

This expansion does not only benefit passengers but also has a substantial economic impact.

The volume of metals and goods transported by SAR has also seen a significant increase, with over 6.53 million tons transported, marking a 13% rise from the previous year.

This increase in transport capacity has had the added environmental benefit of removing over half a million trucks from the roads.

Strategic Development

The railway’s growth aligns with Saudi Arabia’s strategic goals under Vision 2030, aiming to diversify the economy and develop the non-oil sector.

SAR’s commitment to the National Transport and Logistics Strategy is evident as it strives to contribute to the Kingdom’s national objectives.

The organization’s efforts to enhance service quality through partnerships have positioned it as a crucial player in making Saudi Arabia a central logistical hub connecting three continents.

SAR’s network spans approximately 1,400 kilometers, linking the country’s economic heartland in the Eastern Province with the capital, Riyadh. This connectivity is vital as it serves over 40% of the nation’s population and its key economic activities.

Looking Ahead

As SAR continues to develop its service offerings and infrastructure, the Kingdom anticipates further increases in railway usage. This will likely foster greater economic activity, improved environmental outcomes, and enhanced connectivity within the region and beyond.

SAR’s role in supporting the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 objectives and its pivotal position in regional logistics underscore the strategic importance of the ongoing expansion and modernization of Saudi Arabia’s railway systems.

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