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Leejam Day Conference Held Entitled “Invest in Sports”

Leejam Day Conference Held Under the Title "Invest in Sports"
The ‘Leejam Day Conference’ convened industry leaders, policymakers, and visionaries, sparking an insightful conversation on the trajectory of the private sports sector in the Kingdom.

The Leejam Day Conference was recently held in Saudi Arabia in collaboration with Leejam Sports Company, the Ministry of Investment and the Ministry of Sports.

Leejam Day Conference has emerged as a pivotal event for stakeholders in the sports industry.

Held under the title “Invest in Sports”, the Conference focused on investment and development in the sports sector.

Leejam Day Conference: A Catalyst for Growth

The Leejam Day Conference serves as a platform to discuss challenges, and strategies for investment in the sports sector.

It includes keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking sessions.

Leejam Day provides insights into the current state of the sports industry in Saudi Arabia and future prospects.

Government and Private Sector Involvement

Additionally, the event witnesses significant participation from government bodies, underscoring the state’s support for the sports sector.

Private sector involvement is also a crucial aspect. The conference encourages local and international investors to explore opportunities in the sports market.

Furthermore, the Leejam Day opens avenues for international collaboration, attracting global sports brands, and investors to Saudi Arabia.

This international interest aligns with Saudi Arabia’s goals to become a global hub for sports and entertainment.


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