Finnish tourist reveals the secret of her love for Saudi Arabia

By : Marwa Mahmoud

Finnish travel and tourism expert, Laura Alo, started 12 years ago, a documentation trip for Saudi tourism sites, while she loved the beauty of nature that it’s characterized by.

 She focused on the Saudi person at her documentation for his link in tourism between modern life and ancient heritage life, and ways of living in Housing, dress methods and folk food.

Laura spoke to “Al” by saying: “I am keen on linking Arab culture with the West, and introducing the most important tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia. I found a great difference and aesthetic beauty, which we may not find in many countries, until I reached the stages of adoration of Saudi Arabia.”

Laura said” I drew my attention to those towering mountains and the greatness of man in this region, how he managed to volunteer the terrain and conditions to contribute to the beauty industry in various Locations. “

She added: “I visited the city of Abha until the nature of the building bewitched me with its distinctive colors mixed with unique Asiri Al Qat art inscriptions, as I witnessed the generosity and kindness of its people, and the sites that met my interest and admiration.

Laura stressed that Abha is a different city, because it is rural, and its virgin nature is still everywhere, as it possesses culture and beauty that are not present anywhere, and intends to take a trip in her private car from Riyadh to Jizan, Abha and Taif and return to Riyadh.

She said: “Among the most important tourist areas that I visited previously in Saudi Arabia are Wadi Labab, Fifa, Farasan, Al-Baha, Al-Mujarda Al-Ula, Dumat Al-Jandal, and Field and Trowels. The Saudi people welcomed me with a wide heart, and they were keen to introduce me to all the sites and special culture, which each carries a human message expressing people creativity of the region. “

She mentioned: “I climbed Al-Souda mountain at an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level with the Hiking team, I toured the southern culture in the Asir region, and I found a real experience full of fun and knowledge during my visits to many archaeological and tourist sites.

She continued: “I drew my attention to the beauty and nature that Jabal Tuwaiq and Madain Saleh carry in nature, as I liked the multiplicity of nature and weather from one region to another.”

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