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King Salman approves a proposal that government agencies not acquire artistic works for non-citizens

By : Marwa Mahmoud

King Salman bin Abdulaziz approved a proposal submitted by his Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, on directing government agencies to acquire artistic works and national craft products in their official headquarters.

This came according to what the official Saudi news agency reported, where it stated that the Crown Prince’s proposal emphasized that all government entities “limit the artistic pieces in their headquarters to national artistic works according to a guide prepared by the Ministry of Culture, provided that government agencies provide the Ministry of Culture with the list of acquired works to be added In the National Register of Artwork.”

The Saudi Agency stated that the Cabinet had earlier instructed Culture Ministry to prepare a national record for technical works, and to circulate to all government agencies by providing the Ministry with data of the works that it has, so that the Ministry has an integrated database on those works.

It is reported that the Minister of Culture and the Governor of the Royal Commission for the Governorate of Al-Ula in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Prince Badr bin Abdullah Al Saud, earlier revealed this directive to the Crown Prince, saying in a tweet last April: “For information, His Highness the Crown Prince, pointed from 2013, that in all his official headquarters, the plastic artwork be in Saudi hands.

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