Al-Dabbagh: We Seek to Reach 22,000 Asir Hotel Rooms by 2030

Current, Future Hotel Capacities in Asir

Hashim Al-Dabbagh, the CEO of the Asir Development Authority, confirmed that Asir seeks to reach 22 thousand hotel rooms by 2030.

In the coming years, the touristic landscape of Asir is set to witness transformation which will include the inauguration of the initial phases of projects like Al Soudah, the valley, the airport, and the reserve.

Current, Future Hotel Capacities in Asir

Al-Dabbagh highlighted that Asir currently boasts 12,000 hotel rooms, varying from five-star to three-star accommodations and hotel apartments. The region aims to have more than 22,000 hotel rooms by the blessed Vision 2030 year, catering to the needs of the region, tourists, and residents.

Participation in Saudi Tourism Forum

During the second edition of the Saudi Tourism Forum, Al-Dabbagh pointed out the strategic partnership aimed at informing the public about the latest tourism achievements in the tourism sector. This includes showcasing the natural, cultural, and touristic attributes of the region.

Showcasing Asir’s Heritage, Culture

The Asir region’s pavilion includes heritage shows, folklore paintings, and famous products, along with vibrant examples of Asir’s living heritage.

Asir’s Role in Saudi’s Tourism Ecosystem

Initially, the forum’s opening day showcased a panel named “Asir Races the Future.” It emphasized Asir’s position as a sustainable tourist hub in the Kingdom’s tourism framework. Furthermore, the dialogue spotlighted recent tourism successes, notably the 2023 summer season.

Additionally, it mapped out strategies for 2024, persistently advancing Asir’s tourism sector as an integral component of Saudi Vision 2030.


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