Two Holy Mosques provide an E- locomotive to transport the elderly in Saudi Arabia


The Saudi General Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques, represented by the Environmental Services Agency, provided an electric locomotive to transport the elderly and the disabled during the circumambulation.


“SPA” stated today that the length of the electric locomotive is 2.98 meters, its width is 1 meter, and it is powered by (8) dry batteries that comply with international safety standards.


The locomotive has an operating distance of 30 kilometers. It is equipped with front sensors to prevent collisions as it travels along the lanes and to control its speed in crowded areas.


 It also contains sensors for automatic stopping and immobility when opening the doors and a high-tech steering wheel through which the steering and sensor sensors are controlled.


The agency added that the electric locomotive was made of fiberglass and in a modern way that carries the highest standards of safety and security


It is also characterized by a specific design for the height of the doors to ensure the presence of passengers within the vehicle’s confines. The locomotive has several advantages, including its ability to carry (7) passengers without the driver.



The locomotive can turn counter-clockwise 360 degrees in narrow places to avoid being forced back. This allows entry into large elevators and smooth movement within the tracks designated for circumambulation and pursuit.


 It also can reduce vibration when walking on hardwood floors.

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