Transport Authority Celebrates 2000 Saudi Sailors on World Seafarers’ Day

The General Authority for Transport celebrated over 2,100 Saudi sailors on more than 420 ships in the Saudi naval fleet, marking World Seafarers’ Day. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) recognized it on June 25.

Seafarers’ Day

The Authority stressed that International Seafarers’ Day celebrates the efforts of maritime workers, enhances interest in them, and ensures their safety. It also strengthens the leading regional position of the Saudi naval fleet.

Tackling the marine litter - Maritime Professionals

The Authority highlighted key initiatives supported by the Kingdom in empowering the maritime sector. These include the GloLitter initiative, aimed at reducing marine plastic waste in developing countries from maritime transport and fisheries. Another initiative, GloNoise, seeks to establish partnerships globally to address underwater noise reduction.

Lastly, the IMOCARES project, funded by Saudi Arabia, focuses on adopting technical solutions in transportation and ports to cut emissions from maritime shipping.

Submission Guidance and Technical Overview for Global Challenge!



Last year, Saudi Arabia won membership in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Council for 2024-2025 with 143 votes in London. The IMO, a UN-affiliated body, establishes global standards for maritime safety, pollution reduction from ships, and environmental preservation.




‪The Project : IMO Cares‬‏


The Kingdom is also characterized by a strategic location that connects it to the three continents. The Saudi national strategy for transport and logistics seeks to consolidate the Kingdom’s position and pivotal role in the global arena, to be a global logistics center.

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