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Al-Safiyyah Museum, Orchard: Cultural Model Attracts Visitors to Medina

Al-Safiyyah Museum and Orchard is a cultural and tourism model that combines knowledge with entertainment and many innovative elements that enrich the experience of visitors to Taibah Al-Tayyiba. It is located in the central area south of the Prophet’s Mosque, on an area of ​​more than 4,400 square metres.

The project features a cultural park, a museum with integrated audio-visual capabilities, commercial and entertainment areas for all visitors’ needs. It also includes building designs inspired by urban heritage, with palm groves arranged geometrically across floors as terraces surrounded by ponds and water fountains. It also creates an appealing environment for visitors and residents alike.



The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) documented scenes of guests from various nationalities enjoying the museum’s cultural offerings, especially the “Story of Creation” Museum. Moreover, it presents a multilingual narrative about the universe’s beginning and stories of prophets, relying on cognitive storytelling to engage visitors.

Al-Safiyyah Museum and Orchard is part of the Medina Region Development Authority’s efforts to collaborate with partners. It also aims to enhance visitors’ cultural and cognitive experience by developing tourist, cultural, and archaeological sites. Exceptional services are also being provided to visitors to Medina. The museum reflects the Kingdom’s cultural image in serving the Two Holy Mosques and their visitors.

As Safiyah Museum and Park – Construction & Builders

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