The Top 5 Vegetables to Boost The Immunity

With the current pandemic of COVID-19, people are looking for ways of prevention. One of the most profound ways is boosting the immune system in the body. Here are the top 5 vegetables that can boost immunity incredibly.

1. Citrus Fruits

It is known for its vitamin C that raises the production of white blood cells. This process of white blood cells is the key to fight any kind of infection. It helps in building a more robust defense in the body. The citrus contains a wide range of fruits like grapefruit, orange, tangerine, lemon, lime, clementine.

2. Red Bell Peppers

The incredible thing about this vegetable that it has twice as much vitamin C as citrus. Also, it is rich in beta carotene. This combination reinforces the defense system in the body to fight any disease.

3. Broccoli

It is a beautiful green flower that performs like a multi-supplement. Broccoli is packed with fibers, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins (including vitamins A, C, and E). However, to get the most benefits out of it is by less cooking where it still crunchy.

4. Garlic

It is the magical vegetable that adds a great flavor to your dish. Garlic is known by Its superpowers in fighting infections, lowering blood pressures, slowing down hardening of the arteries. It boosts the immunity without any doubts. This certainty comes as a result of its components, such as sulfur and allicin.

5. Ginger

It is one of the ingredients that people use when getting a flue. Ginger has a soothing ability to decrease chronic pain. It increases the immune system in the body in general.

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