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RSNN praise the Kingdom's containment of Corona

Saudi MOH, The Second Wave of Corona

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali, reviews a number of issues about the developments of the second wave of Corona that is emerging rapidly; During the regular press conference. The Ministry of Health declared that the class conference would deal with the global situation and…

Corona’s vaccine at the End of December

The good news continues to the world after the American company “Pfizer” and “Biotech” German announced that the vaccine against Covid-19 they are developing is 90% effective after the initial analysis of the results of the third phase of clinical trials, which is the last before submitting the license application.…

A cinematic movie documenting a critical era of the Prophet’s Mosque passed through due to the “Corona” pandemic

The General Presidency of the Prophet’s Mosque Affairs, in cooperation with the General Authority of Endowments, published a brief exposure to a new documentary film from the Prophet’s Mosque. The agency said that the film is called “For You Praise,” and it documents a significant historical era that the Prophet’s…