Summer in Al-Baha, Taraha Arwaq Season to Receive Visitors

Al-Baha region has completed its preparations to receive visitors and tourists coming from inside and outside the Kingdom during this year’s summer season, which bears the identity of “A summer in Al-Baha, Taraha Arwaq.”


The authorities have prepared the tourist sites and parks in the region. The Emir of Al-Baha Region visited the sites, checking the preparations and developments. These include tourist parks, heritage villages, rural inns, and public parks. Al-Baha attracts lots of visitors in the summer because it’s beautiful.

This year’s Al-Baha summer is expected to witness the largest number of tourists and visitors in the history of the region, in light of the integrated services system prepared and provided by the concerned authorities.

In turn, the Al-Baha Region Municipality prepared more than 105 sites of tourist parks and public sites to receive vacationers, as well as equipping heritage villages, inns and rural farms.


This year’s Al Baha  will also witness the implementation of a package of events and activities amounting to 500 activities targeting visitors and families, including entertainment, cultural, artistic, heritage, tourism, sports, agricultural, and other activities that will surprise vacationers.

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