Royal Commission for Makkah Installs Flexible Floors in Holy Sites, Increases Pilgrims Comfort

The Royal Commission for Makkah City and the Holy Sites has installed flexible floors in the holy sites to provide a comfortable and safe experience for pilgrims during Hajj 2024, reported the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

Through the use of the state-of-the-art technologies, the flexible floors basically reduce the pilgrims’ efforts in walking and decrease cases of heat stress during Hajj rituals.

The Royal Commission explained that the new technique is based on recycled rubber in the Holy Sites to improve the visual scene and reduce heat emissions.

Roads Preparations during Hajj 2024

Saudi Arabia has been ramping up preparations for the upcoming Hajj season, 1445 AH, aiming at providing smooth and comfortable experiences to the pilgrims. Therefore, the Kingdom has embarked on a wide series of key projects to enhance the infrastructure and roadways for the visitors.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Transport and Logistics Services unveiled the installation of the flexible rubber asphalt in pedestrian walkways in the holy sites, designed for the first time in Hajj 2024.

In collaboration with various entities, the General Authority for Roads has installed the innovative technology on the road parallel to pedestrian road No. 6 leading to Jabal al-Rahmah in Arafat in order to safeguard the pilgrims’ health in this season.

Royal Commission for Makkah Installs Flexible Floors in Holy Sites, Increases Pilgrims Comfort
Saudi Arabia Installs Flexible Rubber Asphalt during Hajj 2024

The technology basically depends on reusing rubber resulting from recycling tires in asphalt mixtures.

Consequently, it reduces the accumulation of tire waste and decreases pollution resulting from burning them.

The authority indicated that the hardness of asphalt surfaces and regular sidewalks actually causes negative effects on pilgrims’ ankles and feet, especially the elderly who constitute 53% of the total pilgrims.

Royal Commission for Makkah Installs Flexible Floors in Holy Sites, Increases Pilgrims Comfort

As a result, the health facilities used to face increasing pressure during Hajj seasons, as 38% of injuries were in the foot and ankle area.

Fortunately, the new technique alleviates pressure on the ankles and feet and gives a feeling of comfort while walking and running.

There are other projects including surveying and upgrading 4,000 kilometers of roadways and scraping and re-asphalting 158 km of roads. The developments also involved repairing cracks and potholes at 403 locations and clearing and trimming 2,361 km of road shoulders.

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