ROSHN Group Unveils Revamped Waterfront Walkway, Secures Guinness World Record

The ROSHN Group unveiled the newly painted facade walkway. This initiative aimed to enhance the ROSHN Waterfront’s aesthetic. It was done in collaboration with the “Lenobadir” volunteer program and the Social Responsibility Association in Jeddah Governorate.

The waterfront has set a new Guinness World Record for the longest drawing on a walkway in the world.

روشن | واجهة روشن البحرية

The artwork, decorated by artists and volunteers, expresses the vibrant spirit of Jeddah and the distinctive elements of the ROSHN Group. Moreover, it covers the entire ROSHN Waterfront promenade, which spans 16,000 square meters.

Improving quality of life for Jeddah’s residents

The initiative to renew the aesthetic landscape of the ROSHN Waterfront is part of the group’s commitment to improving the quality of life for Jeddah residents. It also reflects its support for Saudi artists and belief in the importance of art for societal well-being.

The waterfront, opened in 2017 and named “Roshn Waterfront” in 2022, has become a major destination in Jeddah. Over 55 million people visit it annually to exercise and enjoy the view of the Jeddah Corniche and the Red Sea. Moreover, the ROSHN Waterfront is one of Jeddah’s most attractive spots for visitors.

عروس البحر الأحمر: تجارب بحرية ساحرة في واجهة روشن - مجلة هي

“We are incredibly grateful to all the participating entities and every volunteer who helped bring this idea to life,” said Ghada AlRumayan, ROSHN Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, expressing her delight at the accomplishment.

She added: “We wanted ROSHN Waterfront to make its mark globally, and this new Guinness World Record™ title is a testament to our commitment to Saudi Vision 2030, which also aims to make Jeddah one of the world’s most liveable cities.”

تغيير مسمى واجهة جدة البحرية إلى كورنيش روشن


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