“Hemam” Leaders Program to develop national cadres kicks off its activities

ROSHN, the national real estate developer for residential areas – one of the companies wholly owned by the Saudi Public Investment Fund – revealed the “Hemam “Leaders Program, which was designed in an effort to empower national cadres of recent graduates in various disciplines.

The “Hemam” Leaders Program also seeks to develop leadership skills and prepare them to work with ROSHN and its integrated neighborhoods that it is working to develop.

On his part, David Grover said; The CEO of ROSHN Group said that the “Hemam” program comes in recognition of the role of Saudi competencies that have proven their success and excellence in various fields. The program will provide the necessary support to create business leaders and pioneers in various disciplines and fields that contribute to achieving the company’s goals, and as a national real estate developer.

Grover pointed to ROSHN’s commitment to empowering national cadres and transferring knowledge, as it is the mainstay for improving work performance and qualifying a new generation that has innovative skills and solutions on an ongoing basis to achieve the Kingdom’s future goals.

The program is set to contribute to achieving part of ROSHN’s goals to provide more than 170,000 job opportunities by 2030, which will contribute to the development of national cadres of new graduates, provided that it offers a training period for qualified applicants that extend to 24 months.

 The conditions and registration for the “Hemam” Leaders Program can be found by visiting the company’s page on the social network Linkedin.

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