Saudi Education ministry launches a 5-day challenge on of 91stND

On the occasion of the 91st Saudi National Day, the Ministry of Education launched a challenge competition that will last for five days.

The 91st Saudi National Day

Through its official Twitter account, the ministry wrote: On the occasion of Saudi National Day, the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with “Tetco,” has launched a five-day challenge.

 It will announce 10 winners daily; to promote the culture of male and female students in the history of the Kingdom, pride in national values, and enriching the spirit of competition among them.

The Ministry of Education announced details of the activities of the National Day festivities on its official Twitter account, where it directed schools, universities, departments, and education offices in the regions and governorates to participate in the celebrations.

Immunized students and all educational and administrative cadres attend the Ministry of Education’s National Day celebrations and programs, which are held under the theme “It is our home” (Hya lana dar).

  Primary school students participated remotely via the “My School” platform and other educational alternatives.

 Electronic events will be held in partnership between the Ministry and the General Authority for Entertainment through the “My School” platform, intended for male and female students from 6-12 years old.

It includes electronic coloring booklets on national projects, and schools and universities will also participate in many simultaneous events, activities, and programs.

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