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“Red Wave-7” Kicks off with Red Sea Countries

The mixed naval exercise “Red Wave-7” kicked off at King Faisal Naval Base in the Western Fleet, reported Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The exercise involves the participation of countries bordering the Red Sea, including Jordan, Egypt, Djibouti, and Yemen, in addition to the Royal Saudi Naval Forces, the Royal Saudi Land Forces, the Royal Saudi Air Force, and units of the Saudi Border Guard.

"Red Wave-7" kicks off with Red Sea Countries

With an audacious goal to bolster the maritime security and protect the territorial waters, the drill will last for five days.

According to Commander of the Western Fleet Rear Admiral Mansour bin Saud Al-Juaid, the participating forces will acquire various modern military concepts with strategic lectures and practical exercises.

"Red Wave-7" kicks off with Red Sea Countries

“Red Wave-7” will include joint and mixed exercises, such as surface and air warfare and electronic warfare. Furthermore, it will involve counterattacks against simulated enemy speedboats to protect vessels loaded with important cargo.

The ultimate goal is to professionally train the forces on implementing maritime security exercises such as protecting shipping lines, combating smuggling, terrorism, piracy, and illegal immigration.

Al-Juaid highlighted that participants will use the combat elements through His Majesty’s Ships, helicopters, fast response boats, and navy infantry.

"Red Wave-7" kicks off with Red Sea Countries

The drill represents a collaborative effort of the participating countries who attended three conferences to plan and set the goals of the drill.

Red wave exercises were primarily launched in 2018 with an exclusive aim to strengthen military cooperation and exchange combat techniques among participants.

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