Saudi Food Establishment Adopts Urgent Measures after Bacterial Toxin Discovery

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, in collaboration with the General Authority of Food and Drug Administration, has taken swift action following recent cases of poisoning at the “Hamburgerini” restaurant in Riyadh.

According to a report published on the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), A laboratory analysis conducted by the authority detected the presence of “Clostridium botulinum” bacteria, known to cause botulism, in a sample of mayonnaise from the (BON TUM) brand used at the establishment.

This finding has prompted urgent measures by the ministry and relevant authorities, including:

  • Halting the distribution and immediately recalling the affected mayonnaise product from markets and food establishments across the Kingdom.
  • Temporarily suspending operations at the implicated factory to facilitate regulatory procedures.
  • Initiating a comprehensive recall of all remaining product batches and expiration dates from the factory.
  • Issuing notifications to all customers, including restaurants and food establishments, urging them to discard any quantities of the recalled mayonnaise in their possession.
  • Maintaining rigorous monitoring, investigation, and inspection campaigns throughout all cities in Saudi Arabia to ensure the safety of food products available to consumers.

Both the ministry and the relevant authorities stress the importance of relying on official sources for accurate information and caution against spreading rumors or misinformation.

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