Red Sea History Center Launches Al-Qalzam Program to Enrich Scientific Research

The Center for the History of the Red Sea and Western Saudi Arabia launched the Al-Qalzam Program initiative. This effort aims to enrich scientific research and studies, promoting innovation and creativity in Red Sea research.

The centre is collaborating with the College of Arts and Human Sciences at King Abdulaziz University and involves a select group of researchers, academics, and specialists.

القلزم".. خزان يحوي أسرار البحر الأحمر | أخبار 24


Al-Qalzam Program, Ethical Standards in Research


During the workshops, a comprehensive review of the Red Sea was presented. This included its historical and geographical importance, future opportunities and challenges, the development of marine infrastructure and natural resource benefits.

The workshops addressed the challenges researchers face in the advanced technology era and emphasized the importance of ethical standards in scientific research. They focused on generating and evaluating innovative research ideas, particularly for the Red Sea, through lectures and practical sessions.

The program also included specialized guidance sessions on scientific research methods. It introduced the basics and importance of interdisciplinary studies with examples and practical applications. A practical application was presented to showcase the services of the King Abdulaziz Foundation, highlighting how these services support historical and geographical research.

These events are part of the Al-Qalzam Program’s efforts to enhance knowledge and scientific research. Furthermore, the program aims to develop researchers’ skills and document the history of Saudi Arabia’s regions.

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