Saudi Geological Survey Aim to Develop Geotourism in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Geological Survey and its relevant partners are looking into developing the concept of geotourism throughout Saudi Arabia, under the concept of permanent partnership in managing selected cave sites.

The Saudi Geological Survey seeks to apply different methods and tools in dealing and preserving these important and distinguished sites, as well as consolidating the values ​​of their natural heritage accordingly, reported Al Arabiya .

The Survey also supports the development of a solid base in building destinations capable of competing globally. The development will bring forth a package of integrated tourism products and a unique stimulating experience for visitors discovering and studying caves.

The National Center for Wildlife (NCW) began a revolutionary exploration program in the Northern Borders region last May under the Caves Exploration Program, launched in 2022, reported Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The program is part of the center’s mission, aiming at monitoring ecosystems and biodiversity throughout the Kingdom’s diverse landscapes.

With an audacious new goal of fostering the Kingdom’s immense historical and environmental value, the cave exploration program aspires to provide evidence of the biological diversity that has existed in the Kingdom throughout various historical eras.

“The cave ecosystems serve as a historical museum highlighting the evolution of biodiversity throughout the region’s history,” said Dr. Mohammad Ali Qurban, CEO of the NCW.

Qurban stated that distinctive ecosystems like caves stand as an appropriate environment for a wide range of organisms.

This fact was evidenced by the discovery of various skeletons of different types of mammals.

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