Red Sea International Announces Establishment of Turtle Bay Hospital

Red Sea International announced a project to establish Turtle Bay Hospital to provide world-class health care to the community of residents and workers in the Red Sea.

The hospital will offer primary and secondary health care, including emergency services, family medicine, clinical support, women’s health, and pharmaceuticals. It will also feature a hyperbaric oxygen treatment room in the emergency department for world-class care in diving accidents or marine adventures.

Red Sea Global marks significant progress for the Turtle Bay Hospital - Red Sea Global

The Red Sea destination is expected to receive about 300,000 visitors annually after the first phase of the resorts is completed next year. Additionally, 14,000 employees and their families will live in Turtle Bay, with access to high-quality health care and medical services.

Red Sea International also confirmed that it had obtained Ministry of Health approval for Turtle Bay Hospital’s designs. This is the first Public Investment Fund project to receive such approval.

Red Sea Global Marks Progress For The Turtle Bay Hospital

Furthermore, a local company began construction work on the site last March when it was awarded the project contract. Another company recently won the contract for medical equipment for the hospital.

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