Tourist Guide Enrichment Program Concludes its Work in Medina

The “Tourist Guide Enrichment” program recently concluded in Medina. It was implemented by the Medina National Society for Community Development in cooperation with the Medina Studies and Research Center. The program aimed to introduce the historical and urban landmarks of Medina and included participation from 24 licensed tourism guides.

محطة الحجاز

The program, which lasted for 5 days, reviewed the most prominent archaeological sites in Medina. It included field tours of heritage sites, historical mosques, the Wadi Bathan Dam, the Battle of Uhud site, historical valleys and wells, the Farewell Pilgrimage, the Al-Usbah Mosque, the Quba Mosque, and prayer halls.

The tours also explored these sites’ connections to the Prophet’s biography, the authorities’ interest in Medina’s historical monuments, and the association’s role in empowering young people in tourism guidance.أفضل أماكن السياحة في المدينة المنورة.. مقاصد دينية وترفيهية

Dr. Fahd Al-Wahbi, Director General of the Medina Research and Studies Center, explained that the program aligns with the center’s goals of providing scientific training on Medina’s historical and urban landmarks. Moreover, the center has prepared specialized training packages to introduce the history of Medina and its landmarks.

He noted that the program aims to enrich licensed tourist guides with accurate and documented historical information about Medina. He also mentioned that the center has launched several similar programs to train staff to enhance visitors’ experiences in Medina.

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