Medina Chamber Presents Investment Opportunity in Al-Bayda Wild Park

The Medina Chamber presented a government investment opportunity, which includes investment in part of the Al-Bayda National Wild Park in Medina, in order to operate tourism activities on an area of ​​55 thousand square meters.

The Medina Chamber explained that offering the opportunity comes in light of the increasing demand for tourism and environmental activities in the region

It is also a part of efforts to support and develop vegetation, indicating that the site was chosen as one of the important sites that visitors and residents visit for hiking and entertainment.

شتاء متنزه البيضاء البرّي يستقطب زائري المدينة المنورة

It also pointed out that the project consists of tourism and environmental activities, safari trips, long walking trips, and sports adventures, calling on investors to submit the necessary documents to benefit from the opportunity, before June 6, and to review the standards and requirements for benefiting from the investment opportunity through the “City Investments” platform.

Al Bayda Wild Park is an ideal destination for nature and camping lovers. It is located northwest of Medina and attracts visitors from inside and outside the city. Wildlife lovers can set up tents, light fires in the evening, and camp in the middle of nature.

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