Saudi Green Initiative Introduces Namour to Inspire Youth, Children about Environment

The Green Saudi Initiative launched the character “Namour”, a small Arabian leopard that carries the qualities of courage and a spirit of adventure.

This character reflects the beauty and diversity of the natural environments that enhances environmental awareness so that the Kingdom’s youth and children can contribute to building a more sustainable future.

The character “Namour” is an interactive educational tool designed to enhance the participation of all segments of society, particularly children, in efforts to protect the environment. It aims to raise a conscious generation with a deeper understanding and knowledge of environmental issues in the Kingdom.

The “Namour” character also plays an important role in providing families and teachers with interactive resources to teach children how to adopt sustainable practices that ensure the preservation of the Kingdom’s precious natural environments and resources.

The Green Saudi Initiative uses different communication channels to boost the “Tigers” character in education via the Internet and social media, aiming to make a broad impact in society. This reflects the importance of collaborative efforts to preserve the environment.

This step continues a series of successes achieved last year. Seven Arabian leopard cubs were born in Taif Governorate as part of the program to propagate and protect endangered species, significantly increasing the Arabian leopard population since its launch.

It is noteworthy that the Green Saudi Initiative has witnessed, since its launch, the resettlement of more than 1,660 endangered animals, such as the Arabian oryx, sand gazelle, and ibex, in the growing natural reserves in the Kingdom.

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