Red Sea Film Extends Filmmaking Challenge in 48 Hours

The Red Sea Film Foundation, the first international film festival in Saudi Arabia, and the largest forum for the film industry in the region, announced the extension of the submission period for the fourth edition of the “48-Hour Filmmaking Challenge” to continue until July 7, 2024.

The “Filmmaking in 48 Hours” challenge is a collaboration between the Red Sea Film Foundation, the French Consulate in Jeddah, the French Embassy, and the French Association. It aims to encourage promising talents to break from the norm and discover innovative minds in independent filmmaking.

The Foundation allowed Saudi and resident filmmakers aged 18 to 25 to apply. Participants will undergo artistic workshops and virtual guidance programs. These include workshops in film directing, writing, editing, and production. The teams will then race to create a film from concept to montage within 48 hours.

In addition, the French Consulate will offer 15 members of the selected teams two days of professional workshops in Jeddah and Riyadh with experts from France and the Kingdom. The professional workshops will include short film screenings and discussions about the industry.

The winners will be selected by a jury of international directors and filmmakers who will honor and encourage the participants. The leaders of the two winning teams will enjoy a distinguished stay at the International Short Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand, France, in 2025, organized by the Consulate. The winning films will also be screened at the Red Sea International Festival in December 2024.

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