KSrelief Provides Health Services for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) continues implementing a project to enhance health care services for Syrian refugees and the host community in Aarsal town in Baalbek, a Lebanese governorate.

In May 2024, 12,789 patients were received at the Aarsal Health Care Center and 20,224 services were provided to them, distributed among the departments of clinics, pharmacy, laboratory, nursing, and the community and mental health program.

The percentage of males reached 41% and females 59%, while the percentage of refugees amounted to 75% and residents 25% of the total beneficiaries.

Besides health services, KSrelief has been proceeding with Al-Amal Charitable Bakery project in the Akkar governorate and Al-Miniyeh district in Lebanon. Furthermore, the Centre has been distributing loaves of bread daily to needy families including Syrians, Palestinians, and the host community residing in northern Lebanon.

Additionally, This initiative is part of the Kingdom’s humanitarian and relief efforts through its humanitarian arm, KSrelief  aiming to assist refugees in various locations. Al-Amal Charitable Bakery project entered its fourth phase in 2023, in Akkar Governorate and Al-Miniyeh District in Lebanon.

Earlier this year, KSrelief distributed 150,000 bread packages to needy families, including Syrians, Palestinians, and the host community residing in northern Lebanon, benefiting 125,000 individuals.

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