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Meet Manal Al-Osaimi … A Prominent Saudi Girl in Forensic science

Meet Manal Al-Osaimi … A Prominent Saudi Girl in Forensic science
Meet Manal Al-Osaimi … A Prominent Saudi Girl in Forensic science

Who is Manal Al-Osaimi?


She is a Saudi girl who was ranked among the smartest 5% of high school students according to the results of a talent test.


 In the field of innovations: She won a silver medal from the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region and a bronze medal from the Riyadh region in the 2013 Innovation Exhibition.



Manal Bandar Al-Osaimi


She is a 24-year-old Saudi girl, who holds a master’s degree in genetics and forensic evidence with an excellent grade with first-class honors.


Manal works as a laboratory specialist and a member of the Arab Society for Forensic Sciences, holding several certificates in the criminal and forensic fields,


Manal was chosen to be the first official spokesperson from Saudi Arabia at the Second International Conference on Forensic Evidence. The meeting deals with visions and innovations in forensic sciences:


 She was the representative of the College of Applied Medical Sciences in the Live Saudi Program across the Kingdom.


She became the public relations leader in Taif for the Lab Test team, a certified trainer, and a first aider in the Saudi Red Crescent Authority.



 The niqab is not an obstacle 


In an interview with Al-Raya newspaper, Manal confirmed that the niqab has never been an obstacle for her in her study and work journey.


The surrounding community when she was selected for this major


Manal indicated that in the beginning there was a great fear of everyone, even her family, but when they saw her enthusiasm, they became the biggest motivator for her to study the specialty.



 The study period


She said that at the beginning of the study, she was completely free, according to the working conditions at the university, but during the Corona period, she took advantage of virtual work and worked in one of the medical complexes, and she was also able to open a project of her own.



Manal indicated that with the vision of the Kingdom 2030, women have become able to compete in strong competitions in all fields, and also, praise be to God, they have proven their worth strongly.


She added that the field is not limited to the man only, but also to every person who is passionate about this field, whether male or female.


 A message Manal wants to deliver to the community


Manal advises everyone who wants to enter this field:


– First, complete certainty that the field is not only for fun and excitement since its main pillar is like a difficult puzzle.


– Observing the conscience where an innocent can be accused or an accused acquitted


Whatever the difficulties may be in the beginning, passion, and love of specialization will be the only friend in the study journey.


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