Maysan … Land of History, Nature, 1st Source of Mountain Honey

Maysan Governorate is the land of bee nests. Located on the Sarawat mountain range, it offers attractive archaeological scenes and impressive environmental engineering formations. It includes approximately 1,200 beehives, which were a major source of daily food for our ancestors.

ميسان.. أرض التاريخ والطبيعة والمصدر الأول لعسل الجبال


The honey bees in Maysan Governorate have become a primary source for the production and sale of Saudi honey. Moreover, these sites go back to the roots of ancient history and indicate that the community’s interest in honey in Maysan is very ancient.

Maqari Al-Nahl



Abdul Wahab Al-Khudaidi, a history enthusiast, confirmed that (Maqari Al-Nahl) is located between Al-Sarat and Tihama and is reported to be more than 1,000 years old. It is a beautifully engineered building designed for honey production. Additionally, the structure, paved with stones in a geometric manner, has up to four floors.

It is difficult to reach to this location except with the help of an experienced person.

He pointed out that the archaeological beehives in the villages of Maysan and Bani Al-Harith are designed with elaborate engineering on multiple levels. These shrines, nestled between steep mountains, date back nearly 10 generations. Moreover, they are evidence of the place’s nobility and deep history. The famous mountains are a summer resort for visitors and a historical legacy recorded in local poetry.

In addition to the majestic forts and castles surrounding these villages, they highlight the historical significance of the villages and the rare beekeeping profession of our ancestors, who produced various types of honey such as samra, sidra, and summer. The first settlers carefully chose their location between the mountain tops for their rich diversity of over 50 aromatic plants, including rayahin, dosh, basil, dharm, and other rare wild flower.


ميسان... الفلك والتاريخ والطبيعة في كل زاوية


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