Is wheat harmful to the intestine? SFDA clarifies the truth

The Saudi Arabian Food and Drug Authority clarified on Twitter the information on videos suggesting that consuming wheat is hazardous to the intestines. The clips indicated that the grain prevents food absorption and disrupts focus, which can lead to depression.

The videos also claimed that wheat contains addictive substances because it contains gluten, protein and phytic acid.

The authority confirmed that there is no validity to the allegations that were mentioned in the circulating clips, on healthy individuals, according to scientific studies and available data.

Gluten is a common protein naturally found in grains, including wheat, barley and oats.

The authority said: “The information provided by the spokesperson was not accurate, and the details of the studies were not properly clarified.

The studies’ results were limited only to a specific category of individuals who suffer from autoimmune diseases, including patients with celiac disease (gluten sensitivity) or those who are allergic to wheat.

No scientific evidence has been found to prove that wheat gluten harms healthy individuals.

When it comes to phytic acid, its presence in foods does not constitute a concern about a deficiency in the mentioned minerals within the body when following a varied diet (animal and vegetable foods).

Phytic acid can be removed or reduced by soaking food, culturing it, or boiling it before eating it.

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