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Are COVID-19 vaccines safe?

Are COVID-19 vaccines safe?

A third of those who received COVID-19 vaccines in the United Kingdom reported side effects, but they were minor, consisting largely of sore throat and swelling around the injection site. According to experts, these findings are the outcome of survey research involving more than 40,000 people who received the vaccine,…

Does ginger prevent cancer?

There are many questions about ginger’s role in preventing cancer, especially as it has an infinite number of health benefits for the human body. Ginger and cancer Many studies have shown that the bioactive molecules in ginger can slow the growth of some types of cancer, such as colon, rectum,…

Does the Corona vaccine affect breastfeeding?

The Saudi Ministry of Health has disclosed the nature of the Corona vaccine’s effect on breastfeeding, as well as whether or not lactating women should avoid breastfeeding after receiving the anti-virus vaccine. Breastfeeding and Corona The Saudi Ministry of Health confirmed through its Twitter account that lactating women taking the…